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Products - Openings for steel buildings




sub frame

Adjustable Clip


Installation Instructions

  1. After uncrating the door frame and door, hang the door on the frame and apply all hardware.
  2. Position the door unit under the girt with the outside edge leaning against the girt.
  3. Plumb and square the door unit, check for an equal reveal between the door and frame on the top and sides.
  4. Secure the door unit through the bottom of the girt with (2) self tapping screws per clip for (4) total.
  5. Secure the door unit to the floor using (2) expansion anchors per clip for (4) total.
  6. Secure the adjustable clip to the sub-jamb using (4) self tapping screws per clip for (8) total.
  7. Secure the threshold using provided anchors.
  8. Secure weather-strip and door sweep with provided anchors.